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About Us

Aviation's Finest Protective Coating was started to make this and other amazing products available to detailers and owners everywhere. Our parent company Nova Detailing Services, Inc. DBA Nova Aircraft Services located at the Portland International Airport, has been detailing aircraft since 2009. We always try to offer the finest products to our customers and have tested hundreds of products over the years. In as far as coatings are concerned, we began using and recommending ToughGuard paint sealant over 10 years ago. It is by far the best aircraft protection on the market.

  In 2022 we were introduced to and began testing SpeedGuard and were blown away. Working with HR ToughGuard on the formulation, we settled on this incredible product to protect all of our customer aircraft. Nothing we have tried before or since has shown to protect and cut overall cleaning times down better than SpeedGuard. I highly encourage you to give it a try on your aircraft paint and polished metal surfaces. Nothing you can by will protect your aircraft better and easier than SpeedGuard.

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